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About Boldupac

The Boldupac is made of weather resistant and durable material:

100% Polyester canvas

100% Zetaflex/padded

100% Foam laminated/lining

The Boldupac's accessories include:

2 zipped pockets (1 zipped pocket is for hidden compartments for hidden IDs, credit cards, money, etc.

1 mesh pockets for drinks (water bottle or misc. items)

4 multi-use hoops/loops

1 hidden top hoop/loop to hang skateboard when not in use

2 sets of straps/Boldupac can be worn as sling back or belt around the waist when skateboard is in use

Fits Skateboards: Width 8" - 91/2"; Length 28" - 32" (32" fits snug)

Continue checking our Web site for future longboard, ripstik, snowboard, and other boarding Boldupacs

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